Slow Sundays



Today, like most Sundays started slowly with a pot of coffee and cuddles with our girls in bed. Sundays are family days and we always try to do something together, making pancakes, taking a stroll or just playing indoors on rainy days like today.

These pictures are from yesterday, it was such a beautiful spring day and we squeezed every inch from it, riding bikes, picking flowers and picnicking  until the sun set. Our hearts were full, there is just something about spring that rejuvenates the soul. Maybe the promise of new fresh (and warmer) beginnings?


This will be the first post in a new series called Slow Sundays. I am trying to incorporate Slow Living into our lives and thought beginning with Sundays is a good start.                                          Slowing down is so important in this fast paced life we live in (ok maybe not that  fast in France…), we need to slow down and be present in the little moments otherwise we might just miss the magic that hides in ordinary life.