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Les Marchés

So, Saturday was the first time I took the girls to the farmer’s market all by myself.                I always loved going, but because daddy is away most Saturdays, I have never attempted it “tout seul”, maybe with good reason…Despite my meticulous planning and preparations (yes, that is what it takes) it was still a circus.

From the toddler board attachment breaking first thing we got into town, fruit grabbing and trying to make our way through the crowd of people with a pram to a failed attempt of a coffee date with a friend. Then  trying to get two “hangry” and tired kids into the car without a complete meltdown just to be stuck in traffic. C’est la vie, right? C’est motherhood…

That is just the thing, having children changes everything! Outings become harder, washing is never ending and privacy goes straight out of the window, but you know what all mothers always agree on unanimously? They wouldn’t change it for the world.

Life has maybe turned into a circus, but it’s my circus and I have just learned to laugh and enjoy the show.




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